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Step Sing: a bird's eye view

stepsingSo this year, I decided to participate in Step Sing in a completely different way than most people. Instead of being a part of one of the performing groups, I chose to work as part of the production crew for the event.

This year was the second year for us to produce the show for additional off site viewers via live stream, which provided some new and exciting opportunities for our crew. For instance, the production crew and I had to come up with a 30-minute pre-show that would be broadcast over the Internet to our worldwide audience before the main Step Sing production even started. All this is to say that it was a very complicated process but let me tell you: as a Journalism and Mass Communication major, whose main focus is in broadcast journalism, there could not have been a more incredible opportunity for me to gain experience in my field.

First of all, I began to learn some of the incredibly complicated professional-level computer programs that all broadcast journalists must have a general knowledge of in order to function in the field. Then, there's the fact that the broadcast truck that we were using for Step Sing had just come from doing a production of a somewhat popular event called THE SUPER BOWL in New Orleans. So in other words, the crew that joined our production efforts was professional in every sense of the word.

When the truck arrived, the rest of the Samford student production crew and I got to set everything up in terms of wiring all of the cameras, putting them together, and setting up streaming equipment for the event, which was invaluable experience that I could not have gained anywhere else. Further, we got to work side by side with the main crew of the production truck-learning from them, building valuable relationships with them, etc. This was such an incredible opportunity for people like me because I got to establish relationships within the field that I hope to enter before Journalism majors at most other schools had even gotten a chance to get their first internship. And even beyond these long-term benefits of my experience, my job as one of the camera operators got me what was basically a free ticket to watch every Step Sing performance as it gained momentum leading up to the presentation of the Sweepstakes trophy on Saturday night.

Altogether, I just simply cannot describe how valuable my experience working on the production crew was. I truly believe that there is no other school that could have offered me an experience like this, in which-as a freshman, mind you-I was able to work in a professional setting and not just run coffee errands for the crew, but actually be an integral part of what was a massive production process. As exhausting and monotonous as it may have been at times, I could not be more thankful for the opportunity that I was given this year. I think that it's something that will make me more marketable in the future.

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