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Career Development Center: preparing for the future

CDCThe CDC! No, not the Center for Disease Control...

About three weeks into the fallsemester, I was starting to realize that Sports Medicine may not be the route for me. I did not know if becoming a doctor was still my path, but I knew I still wanted to do something in healthcare. I want to work with children, but I was not sure if becoming a Pediatric Endocrinologist was the way to go.  

I was a little lost as to what direction to take.  Then it hit me!  On my visit to Samford during my Senior year, I remembered my tour guide sharing a similar experience.   As she shared her journey to finding her major and possible career path, she mentioned how helpful the Career Development Center had been. 

I went to the Career Development Center, or CDC, quite frazzled and concerned.  I explained my predicament, and they offered to make an appointment for me to meet with a Career Advisor.  They said the appointment would take an hour, then got me in within a few days wait.

When I arrived for my appointment, the staff made me feel more at ease. I explained in more detail my situation; they told me not to worry because it was not uncommon to feel this way.  Many freshman don't have a clear idea of what to choose as a major, let alone a career! After a short conversation, they had me take two tests: one to determine my personality type and the other to determine what types of things I enjoy doing. 

The results of the combined tests showed that my personality is "Dominant Extraverted Sensing"(ISFP), "pragmatic and realistic with a zest for living life to its fullest".  My Holland score (ASI) says that I need to be in a major and career that is Artistic- Social and Investigative. With the help of the CDC, we gathered some possible careers as well as ways to get there.  They worked with me and helped me to arrive at my decision.  

I am now a Nutrition and Dietetics major and will probably continue schooling to be a Physician's Assistant (PA), perhaps specializing in Endocrinology since I will also be a Registered Dietician.  Becoming a PA is a better fitfor my interests and personality, since PA's get to assist more with the patients after diagnosis and help them maintain good health. I am so grateful to have the CDC as a resource and have gone there several times after.  Next, I look forward to them helping me find a Jan Term internship and fine tune my interviewing skills!

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