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Tailgating: a growing family tradition

holdo family

Imagine being on the Quad when it's filled with tents set up by various campus organizations and people who are anxiously awaiting the home football game and all the delicious tailgate food. Now take that experience and add in your mom, a miniature Martha Stewart, and your dad, a well-known chef on the radio, who have come to cook some quality cuisine for you and your friends.

This has been my tailgating experience before every home game. My dad would pull up in our F-250 truck filled with a Big Green Egg, burners, tents, tables, real china, Samford themed linens, Bulldog centerpieces and an array of foods ranging from shrimp n' grits to chicken wings to burgers. After setting up, we get to cook not only for ourselves but for anyone else who decided to stop by and investigate what was on the Egg!

That's the beauty of Samford tailgates. Everyone is invited to stop by any tent they wish and will feel welcome.  Tent areas are not quarantined off and students aren't given a designated group to be in. Everyone is so friendly, inviting, full of fellowship. The whole experience makes me truly feel a part of the Samford community and Bulldog Football.

Between bites, many Samford traditions take place like the Bulldog Walk, the singing of the Fight Song, and so many others that add to the festive pre-game environment. It just wouldn't be Samford Football without tailgates that I get to experience with my parents and my new Samford community!


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