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Road Tripping: football's will to win


Those who know me know that I am a strong supporter ofSamford football. I like to say I am their number one fan. Home gamedays consist of me attempting to rally all of my hall mates to dress in their Samford gear and walk down to the Quad to cheer onthe team for the Bulldog Walk. Then, I proceed to spend the rest ofthe time before the game tailgating. But of course I have to allow myself time to make it down to the field at least 30 minutesbefore the game starts, so I can get my perfect 3rd row seat. I canalready see the eye rolls from my friends as I am writingthis.  I love the football games! It provides such a wonderfulatmosphere and makes for a super fun Saturday activity. 

When Iheard that Samford would be playing Chattanooga, I decided that Iwanted to travel to see the game. I rallied up a few of my hallmates, and we hit the road to see our bulldogs play! Itwas my first road trip, and it was such a great experience! One ofmy hall mates happened to live in Chattanooga, so we had somewhereto stay overnight. Another perk of that was home cooked food. You really learn how precious a meal cooked byMom is when you're a college student! 

I brought a poster board and some markets with me; so before we left for the game, we all decorated posters to show our support for the bulldogs.There were only a couple of other Samford students that traveled tothe game, so our seats were right up front of the Samford section! It was great to be ableto travel and show our support for our team! Even though the gameended with a loss and a hoarse voice for me, it was such a funexperience. It was made even more special because I got to spendtime with some of my precious hall mates who have truly become likea family to me. I hope to travel to multiple away gamesnext season! #SamfordStrong 

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